Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it summer yet?

With many college students returning from spring break, high school students still in school, and professionals in need of a vacation, everyone is anticipating the quick surpass of the next few months as summer approaches. As many women begin to plan their vacations independently, with girlfriends, family, or significant others, what's new in fashion is on everyone's mind. I have discovered 10 trends that are sure to be hot this summer:

1. Gladiator sandals- I must say that I'm not much of a fan. Yet, these ancient style shoes seem to be the big thing among the stars. You can take the look from a casual day of shopping, to pairing them with a white dress and gold accessories for the night.
2. Buns- No, not your lower half. The "bun" that was so popular among our grandmother's has come back in style, yet this time its new and improved. This hairstyle with the right accessories can dress up any outfit, and will make your summer days feel much cooler.
3. Sundresses- This trend is still anticipated for the summer. Summer dresses will take on a more chic look as designers make them longer, with more dramatic fabrics.
4. White nails- The Gothic like trend of black nails is so fare gone. White nails have now surfaced for summer, adding a fresh look to your everyday outings.
5. Flared out pants- Skinny jeans might still be seen here and there, but the new loose pants are in for the summer. Paired with a tight tank they make any girl look classy and comfortable.
6. Chunky necklaces- Big chunky and flashy necklaces are in demand this year. They can dress up any outfit and make you look like a fashionista even if your not. They come at bargain prices and can be paired with almost anything.
7. Floppy Hats- You might be skeptical, but i promise this trend is fast approaching. A brimmed black hat, white tank and tailored shorts can make you the ultimate fashion icon.
8. No earrings- This might leave some girls devastated, but fashion icons have stopped wearing earrings with their everyday outfits. Without all the bling and chunky hoops more focus is directed to your summer glow and outfit choice.
9. Heels- On a night out on the town, heels are a must this summer. No exceptions.
10. One piece bathing suits- As all you know my motto is , "Less is more". A one piece accessorized correctly will give you a chic and sophisticated look on the beach as you soak up the sun.

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