Thursday, February 26, 2009

Poetry Corner: Sonia Snchez

To Anita

walken like the sun u be.
move on even higher.
those who
laugh at yo/color
have not moved
to the blackness we be about
cuz as Curtis Mayfield be sayen
we people be darker than blue
and quite a few
of us be yellow
all soul/shades of
yeah. high/yellow/black/girl
walk yo/black/song
cuz some of us
be hearen yo/sweet/music.
Written by Sonia Sanchez

Technology: A Haven For Men?

Has your man ever said that he has called you, yet you look at your phone and realize his name is no where to be found in your call log? Or how about the hidden myspace or facebook messages your boyfriend seems to have no recollection of? Its true, new advancements in technology are making the idea of trusting your significant other utterly impossible, as you lurk online and through his phone for anything out of the ordinary.There are even cell phones out now where you can lock your whole phone and security software for computers that only a high tech genius can break. Yet, technology cannot be the only reason some partner in the relationship is being secretive. If you smother a person they are bound to revolt and leave you in the dust right along with your magnifying glass. We as women sometimes have been through so much heartbreak in our lives that we tend to make up problems in our heads about our relationships. This avid imagination will cause your man to take the next flight back to his mother. Here is a tip, less is always more.

What constitutes a good friendship?

While watching the series of Sex and the City the other day, I began to ponder on past and present friendships that I have embarked on in my own life. Living in New York with substantial careers, the girls of Sex and the City have a strong friendship and connection that is never broken no matter what problems they endure. Is this unbreakable bond realistic in real life? From my own personal experience when it comes to girlfriends i tend to think "QUALITY always outweighs QUANTITY". You can associate yourself with many females from high school to the time you graduate college, but more than likely only a handful of these girls will remain your friend in the end. So why are female friendships so short-term and impractical? Well the first problem in a female friendship occurs once every one's hormones start raging, and females start becoming more concerned about the opposite sex. I myself am guilty of this, leaving a friend aside to hang out with your boyfriend and coming back to the friendship after he breaks your heart. Females tend to be users in a friendship, asking their friends for emotional support then moving on when the negative moments in their life have subsided. Another reason for such fake relations between females is the concept of jealousy. I have lost some friends who seemed to become less interested in me once success and good fortune came my way. These are the friends that hate you when you look pretty and are by your side when your straight broke. They crave your failure and seek your friendship only when your down because it makes them feel better about themselves. Why are females so hard on each other? In the end everything in today's society is about competition, and females will take it upon themselves to knock each other out of the top spot. When embarking on a new friendship its best to watch someone's ways before your call her your "BFF". Just like relationships with men, it's best to take it slow with any new affiliation.