Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Give it up so Easy?

The HIV epidemic is spreading faster and faster among young women and men, even more prevalent among the black community. Young people are growing up faster then they should, and are engaging in sexual activity before their bodies and minds have even fully developed. Why are so many females giving up their bodies so easily? I have come to fully realize that many women think having sex with a man right off the bat will make him eventually want to be committed in a serious relationship. They engage in these actions out of fear of seeming "out of touch" with their femininity and being perceived as immature. The truth is, abstaining from sex when venturing into a relationship with a new guy will make him want to hang around longer because you have something to offer aside from your body. Tease him with your intellect and your style instead of your physical features, because those assets aren't so easily accessible to a man for a couple of dollars. If you subject yourself to being tossed around like a treat, no man will ever take you seriously outside of the bedroom. Nowadays playing wife around his house in skimpy lingerie isn't enough, you have to have your own. Don't get used. If you choose to be physical use protection, because sometimes a man's word is just that, him talking... Until you say you can fully trust you relationship 100%, always protect your body, it's you're right<3

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My obsession...

So when I'm not bombarded with schoolwork, I like to go out and get dressed up. My favorite thing to do in preparation for a night out on the town is to apply my makeup. Remember, less is more, so I tend to just apply a little here and there to enhance certain features. My makeup obsession has to be eyeliner and mascara. These two ingredients if done with care can make your eyes pop, leaving your face looking seductive and confident. Lately I have ditched my eyeshadow and have chosen a more natural approach just using the eyeliner, making a wing-tipped design right over the eye. It draws attention to your face, but not so much that you look over done.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Please be productive!

Many of us are well into our college careers with hopes of future success in our desired fields. Yet, many of us also party our days away, spend hours on facebook, and wait until the last minute to produce our major schoolwork. How can you expect to graduate on time and achieve a career in a reasonable time period if you haven't passed any of your classes? Its ok to have fun from time to time, but college loans don't stretch forever, and the parties aren't as lavish when your surrounded by young children. Be productive and use your time wisely.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Discrimination within your own race?

African Americans have a history in which we were enslaved, looked down upon, and thought to be less than. Through years of struggling and having to work harder than the next Caucasian person, we have begun to embark on a new history that is projected to be full of new goals and aspirations that will put our race in the limelight. Still, an issue that remains close to my heart is that topic of skin color in relation to "complexion" among the black community. It seems ironic, yet African Americans, mostly in unawareness, are subjecting people of their own race to discrimination as we categorize eachother by "light skin" and "dark skin". I find this issue to be more relevant among black women who believe that either one or the other side of the spectrum has it better as a black woman. Light skin females are depicted as being snobbish and having the "advantage" as a black women trying to make a living in a white oriented society. Dark skinned woman on the other hand are seen as being the strong and determined woman who has yet to fall short of anything but success. The media has taken the issue even farther depicting black women in America who have issues with skin shade. How can we have come so far through history and still be so lost in our own prejudice, self conscious, and thoughts? In what world can we subject our own people to stereotypes and think that another race wont see us as anything but inferior? This grouping among the black community, whether we realize it or not, brings us farther away from each other giving us the disadvantage in a society full of white men and women who are members of a strong knit public. Think about what I'm saying. How can the black community become better than we already are, if we cant even effectively converse with our own sister? Its baffling...

"School Daze"

Friday, March 20, 2009

J Crew

With Michelle Obama being looked at so closely for her fashion choices, I was curious about her frequent shopping at J Crew. The store actually has very cute and flowy clothes that make you feel pretty and neatly put together.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love dedication

As a young woman I sometimes find myself so caught up in the fast pace motion of life. Minutes go by and the everyday stress and turmoil of even the smallest situation can make anyone lose their cool. I tend to preach about independence and my passion about the strong woman who is successful and can do it all on her own. In no way am I now contradicting my thoughts, but in other words adding to one of the many reasons women have the strength to be dedicated to their craft. Love can be a beautiful thing, and when you find it cherish every moment of it. Even if the love doesn't last forever, the experiences you gain form any relationship can help you grow as a person and broaden your goals and thought processes. Feeling for someone else will show you how you want someone else to treat you. I think when you fall for someone you should fall hard, sharing your secrets with them while at the same time continuing to build your own dreams aside. Both complexes of love and indepedence if done correctly can make your life stimulating and worth the ride.

"When You Come"
When you come to me, unbidden,
Beckoning me
To long-ago rooms,
Where memories lie.
Offering me, as to a child, an attic,
Gatherings of days too few.
Baubles of stolen kisses.
Trinkets of borrowed loves.
Trunks of secret words,

-Maya Angelou

Love song:

Fashion Icon: Lauren London

...she makes fashion look effortless and fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Think Pink This Spring





The heat makes him sweat

Walking around today I couldn't help but notice the change in the weather. Everyone is breaking out their new gear and attitudes are changing as summer approaches. As a female I can't think of how many times I have encountered males whose attitudes have changed with the hotness of the sun. As soon as the snow melts off the ground, nobody wants to talk on the phone, cuddle up, or spend a night inside with their lady anymore. Its becoming a year-round trend that has to be broken. Instead of arguing with your man all summer long, go out with your girls and do the same thing. Sometimes in life it takes for people to have a taste of their own medicine to get them to act accordingly. Plan a trip, get your hair tossed, and leave that phone at home to let him know you are occupied. In life, men love the thrill of the chase...and why not, your fabulous<3

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hold tight to your guy

This will be one of my many articles where I vent frustrations. One thing that bothers me is when you are in a relationship and the next female finds it necessary to express to you her own personal opinion about your significant other. Unless he is abusive, has no job, or is down right stupid, your friends should always have a positive opinion when it comes to you and your man. I think if they don't, its because they want what you have and are so downright jealous that they will do whatever it takes to make you feel low about the good man you have by your side. This issue of women and jealousy will always correlate to that issue of friendship. When it comes to females, finding a good friend is like one in a million, I swear. As we get older, the span of men that are available and have something good to offer becomes more scarce. As a result, when you fall in love hold on tight to what you have and consider urself lucky. Just some words of wisdom introduce your man to your main girls, all your other associates are not worthy of his glory.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stealing the spotlight vs. Getting Money

I mean, I understand that everyone is all about being independent and getting their own, but really, why would your sacrifice the success and fame you have already established to embark on a solo career that is anything but secure. I'm tired of watching reality shows about groups of young artists who continuously argue and whine amongst themselves because they all want that "top spot". Why would you let your ego interfere with your next pay check? I'm just saying, not everyone is a "Beyonce"...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it summer yet?

With many college students returning from spring break, high school students still in school, and professionals in need of a vacation, everyone is anticipating the quick surpass of the next few months as summer approaches. As many women begin to plan their vacations independently, with girlfriends, family, or significant others, what's new in fashion is on everyone's mind. I have discovered 10 trends that are sure to be hot this summer:

1. Gladiator sandals- I must say that I'm not much of a fan. Yet, these ancient style shoes seem to be the big thing among the stars. You can take the look from a casual day of shopping, to pairing them with a white dress and gold accessories for the night.
2. Buns- No, not your lower half. The "bun" that was so popular among our grandmother's has come back in style, yet this time its new and improved. This hairstyle with the right accessories can dress up any outfit, and will make your summer days feel much cooler.
3. Sundresses- This trend is still anticipated for the summer. Summer dresses will take on a more chic look as designers make them longer, with more dramatic fabrics.
4. White nails- The Gothic like trend of black nails is so fare gone. White nails have now surfaced for summer, adding a fresh look to your everyday outings.
5. Flared out pants- Skinny jeans might still be seen here and there, but the new loose pants are in for the summer. Paired with a tight tank they make any girl look classy and comfortable.
6. Chunky necklaces- Big chunky and flashy necklaces are in demand this year. They can dress up any outfit and make you look like a fashionista even if your not. They come at bargain prices and can be paired with almost anything.
7. Floppy Hats- You might be skeptical, but i promise this trend is fast approaching. A brimmed black hat, white tank and tailored shorts can make you the ultimate fashion icon.
8. No earrings- This might leave some girls devastated, but fashion icons have stopped wearing earrings with their everyday outfits. Without all the bling and chunky hoops more focus is directed to your summer glow and outfit choice.
9. Heels- On a night out on the town, heels are a must this summer. No exceptions.
10. One piece bathing suits- As all you know my motto is , "Less is more". A one piece accessorized correctly will give you a chic and sophisticated look on the beach as you soak up the sun.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Relationships: Both sides of the spectrum

Every girl dreams at a young age of meeting her prince charming, falling in love, and eventually having the Cinderella wedding of her dreams. As life progresses many young women realize there will be many nerve-wracking nights and continuous hurtles with the opposite sex before such a fairytale ending can be achieved. With both man and woman aspiring to be successful and on top, the perfect relationship might not exist due to lack of time and commitment. Yet, even with the advanced knowledge and warning of how much stress a relationship can bring, we still embark on them and love as hard as we can until we cry our eyes out. This brings me to wonder what constitutes a healthy and unhealthy relationship. Through years of being in a relationship and giving advice to friends on numerous occasions, I have discovered some points on both parts of the spectrum. 1) Healthy- A healthy relationship should involve two people who have their own “individual” goals and dreams in life. This means that if you were to break up with your other half tomorrow your world wouldn’t end, and you would have dreams and plans to continue. Both partners are supportive of each other and are faithfully committed to the relationship both mentally and physically. There is no lack of honesty and being with your other half “lifts you up” instead of bringing you down. 2) Unhealthy- This type of relationship usually involves one weak partner who is involved in a companionship for all the wrong reasons, whether it be physical, or not wanting to be alone. There are no compromises and anything goes, which later results in heartbreak and unsolved answers. Goals and plans are and afterthought as you began to lose yourself in that person. A good relationship should able you to have a companion, and fulfill your personal agenda at the same time. A person wants to be involved with someone who is strong, independent and knows what they wish to gain out of life. Unless you hope to wake up and find yourself in a Disney classic, you might want to have hard earned pairs of shoes in your closet before you choose to lose your glass slipper...

Lack of Diversity in the Fashion Industry: Chanel Iman

Young girls around the world spend numerous hours of their lives trying to be “cool” and up to beat in such a material based society. These same girls are surrounded by the latest media that post images of skinny young trend setters who tend to cash in billions of dollars for flashing a smile as they walk down a runway. Models are the walking poster boards for the latest trends and fads in the fashion world. With so many young girls yearning to learn how to pose or wear the latest Gucci bag to school, you would think society would base the faces of models around a diverse spectrum in which young girls of every race would be able to relate to. The fact is, for years the fashion industry has been lacking in diversity with a less than 30 percent make up of minority models and even less designers in the industry. With such odds against minorities it would seem seemingly impossible to get started in such a white oriented and fast paced industry. A young African American girl from L.A. by the name of Chanel Iman, has made recent steps towards change in diversity. Following in the footsteps of legends such as Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell she has embarked on her new career as a woman of color in the fashion world.Chanel Iman was born in Atlanta, Georgia to China Robinson of African American and Korean heritage and an African American father. Iman walked the runway for the first time in the spring of 2006, where she modeled for household names such as Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and Diane Von Furstenberg. When commented on Iman, Ford Models rep proclaims, “Chanel’s rich ethnic heritage makes her appeal universal and moreover has established her as the “go to” girl when designers aim to broaden their markets." With brand new faces of all different colors beginning to embark upon the fashion world, a dream of pursuing a career in fashion within any aspect now seems quite attainable.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TV Spotlight: Harlem Heights

Last night, I tuned in to the new show "Harlem Heights" that aired on BET last night. I'm usually skeptical about some of their scheduled reality programming because the network tends to depict the African American community in a "low budget" way. With all the slang and propaganda they use in some of their reality series' (College Hill, Keyshia Cole) showing negative scenarios. Yet, to my surprise BET introduced "Harlem Heights", showing young and educated African Americans working towards different goals of being successful. Speaking eloquently, and dressed to the T, this show was a breath of fresh air...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Urban Outfitters: Great Grabs under $50

Basic pieces like these can go a long way with just the right accessories.

5 Fashion must haves for the everyday woman...

1. Every girl should own a good pair of jeans which can be taken from a casual look to a night out on the town. A dark denim wash, long enough, that is tailored to fit your individual body type should do the trick.

2. A little black dress can take you a long way.

3. I think it's essential to own a good pair of flats and stilettos. Having many shoe options will help even the simplest outfit pop.

4. Please, it should be obvious but a good bra that FITS is essential for every woman. In order to look good on the outside, you must be properly supported underneath...

5. Top all your outfits off with an outdoor accessory. A stylish scarf, big purse or red leather jacket can take your low budget ensemble to its rich and chic potential.

Hot Music: Aubrey Graham aka "Drake"

So I was curious as to what all the hype was over this new artist called, "Drake". After doin some research, I realized that he used to star on the hit TV show Degrassi, and has begun to launch his solo rap career. Check him out for yourself...

I want to be a Video Girl?

I am sure everyone has tuned into either BET or MTV and indulged themselves in the latest video. Most of us have watched a Chris Brown or T.I. video and wanted to be that girl prancing around to the music. Lately I have found myself wondering why these females are depicted in such an unrealistic way? I mean, all the bling, the fake hair, the money flying in the air....like this is obviously not real or relevant to half the members of the age group these videos are directed towards.I myself am guilty of buying some extenstions now and then to add a dramatized affect to my look, probably as a result of seeing black women of all shades rocking long hair down to their knees on television. As women why do we look up to these figures and feel the need to buy fake hair, wear skimpy clothes and believe that hanging around some guy will make us set for life. I think its time that we all get Real and try to make our own goals that are realisitic, in case the idealized dream of being a "Video Girl" doesn't buy us that house on the hill.