Sunday, March 22, 2009

Discrimination within your own race?

African Americans have a history in which we were enslaved, looked down upon, and thought to be less than. Through years of struggling and having to work harder than the next Caucasian person, we have begun to embark on a new history that is projected to be full of new goals and aspirations that will put our race in the limelight. Still, an issue that remains close to my heart is that topic of skin color in relation to "complexion" among the black community. It seems ironic, yet African Americans, mostly in unawareness, are subjecting people of their own race to discrimination as we categorize eachother by "light skin" and "dark skin". I find this issue to be more relevant among black women who believe that either one or the other side of the spectrum has it better as a black woman. Light skin females are depicted as being snobbish and having the "advantage" as a black women trying to make a living in a white oriented society. Dark skinned woman on the other hand are seen as being the strong and determined woman who has yet to fall short of anything but success. The media has taken the issue even farther depicting black women in America who have issues with skin shade. How can we have come so far through history and still be so lost in our own prejudice, self conscious, and thoughts? In what world can we subject our own people to stereotypes and think that another race wont see us as anything but inferior? This grouping among the black community, whether we realize it or not, brings us farther away from each other giving us the disadvantage in a society full of white men and women who are members of a strong knit public. Think about what I'm saying. How can the black community become better than we already are, if we cant even effectively converse with our own sister? Its baffling...

"School Daze"

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