Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Give it up so Easy?

The HIV epidemic is spreading faster and faster among young women and men, even more prevalent among the black community. Young people are growing up faster then they should, and are engaging in sexual activity before their bodies and minds have even fully developed. Why are so many females giving up their bodies so easily? I have come to fully realize that many women think having sex with a man right off the bat will make him eventually want to be committed in a serious relationship. They engage in these actions out of fear of seeming "out of touch" with their femininity and being perceived as immature. The truth is, abstaining from sex when venturing into a relationship with a new guy will make him want to hang around longer because you have something to offer aside from your body. Tease him with your intellect and your style instead of your physical features, because those assets aren't so easily accessible to a man for a couple of dollars. If you subject yourself to being tossed around like a treat, no man will ever take you seriously outside of the bedroom. Nowadays playing wife around his house in skimpy lingerie isn't enough, you have to have your own. Don't get used. If you choose to be physical use protection, because sometimes a man's word is just that, him talking... Until you say you can fully trust you relationship 100%, always protect your body, it's you're right<3

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