Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"She compliments my SWAGG~" who wore it better?!

I wish I could relate to something...

When I'm not overloaded I find myself searching through numerous unnecessary cable channels in search of a down to earth show that I can relate to. This has been hard lately with cable television's dwindling efforts towards delivering a respectable show starring African Americans. Yes, its great that we have BET and TV One... but with all the numerous re-runs of "Martin" and "The Cosby's", has-beens of the 90's and 80's guilt-free television alongside subjective and disturbing episodes of BET's "Tiny and Toya", where has today's inspiring Black television gone? Today's networks percieve Black's in an over the top way in which can be understandable to the small percentage of the struggling black community, and entertaining to the already judgemental White America. Doesn't it seem ironic that our television for the Black community was more realistic and entertaining in time periods where our people were struggling the most? (i.e-"Good Times", "The Jefferson's",etc.) We realistically have come so far as a people as we have elected a politician of our own race into the white house and sit in higher positions as CEO's, journalists, and brokers in mainstream white America. So where is the present image I can relate to? It doesn't add up~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fashion Icon: Zoe Zaldana

Zoe's taste in fashion is fire. Its suttle yet keen and seductive. With the building of her career, im quite sure we will be seeing more outfit choices from Zaldana...

All eyes on me?

As if relationships aren't hard enough, the media is now making it a goal to expose young and old Hollywood and reality based relationships for all their dirt. Liars and cheaters are being exposed, and any account of abuse whether mental or physical is being placed in every magazine for fans and skeptics alike to see first hand. With all this public frustration revolving around relationships in today's society, can their be any hope for the average couple trying to make it? The truth is relationships are hard; every single one of them. Companionship based on love or money all have secrets and uncertainties about what the future will hold, the only difference among them all is how much either partner is holding back, and how far they will be willing to pursue things before someone gets caught. Yet, like any relationship the only way to survive is through honesty...and if you seek that your man isn't being honest then why not take it upon yourself to get the truth out. I am in no way suggesting spying or checking phones and work accounts, but ladies we have to question our men. If you have sufficiently established something with your partner he wont automatically think of you as being oppressive, but will believe that you care about the future of your happiness together and wish to be informed!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home-body vs. Party -animal

It's official, summer has hit. Everyone is home from college and has hopefully been able to go back to their old gig, or through this crazy recession find a new 9-5. Yet we are still young and want to go out, whether it be with our girls, guy, or solo. Lets take a stab at the relationship topic once you again and go deeper into the controversial difference between the two types of men: home-body and party animal. You should be able to weed out your type of man by asking him this simple question, "WHAT ARE WE DOING TONIGHT?" If you are involved with a guy who stutters and makes up every excuse in the book as to why you guys should stay in the house EVERY night, you have a home-body on your hands. He never wants to spend money and would rather lay in bed with you all day then be caught anywhere in a 12 meter radius from his house. Some girls are turned on by this type of guy, thinking he just wants to have all of your attention and be alone. But that gets old after a while and a relationship needs exposure to the world and other people in order to breath and survive. The total opposite of this scenario is a guy who will diss you and whoever else in a second to party every single night. Liquor is his right hand man, and he gets dressed to the max every 2 dollar Tuesday. What can you say about this man? Many women who are harboring this type think he has an extremely big ego, and has yet to even think about committing to you in a serious way as long as the club and party hoes are still around. I guess the right answer for every woman would be to try and find her happy medium between the two...good luck :)