Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All eyes on me?

As if relationships aren't hard enough, the media is now making it a goal to expose young and old Hollywood and reality based relationships for all their dirt. Liars and cheaters are being exposed, and any account of abuse whether mental or physical is being placed in every magazine for fans and skeptics alike to see first hand. With all this public frustration revolving around relationships in today's society, can their be any hope for the average couple trying to make it? The truth is relationships are hard; every single one of them. Companionship based on love or money all have secrets and uncertainties about what the future will hold, the only difference among them all is how much either partner is holding back, and how far they will be willing to pursue things before someone gets caught. Yet, like any relationship the only way to survive is through honesty...and if you seek that your man isn't being honest then why not take it upon yourself to get the truth out. I am in no way suggesting spying or checking phones and work accounts, but ladies we have to question our men. If you have sufficiently established something with your partner he wont automatically think of you as being oppressive, but will believe that you care about the future of your happiness together and wish to be informed!

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