Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I wish I could relate to something...

When I'm not overloaded I find myself searching through numerous unnecessary cable channels in search of a down to earth show that I can relate to. This has been hard lately with cable television's dwindling efforts towards delivering a respectable show starring African Americans. Yes, its great that we have BET and TV One... but with all the numerous re-runs of "Martin" and "The Cosby's", has-beens of the 90's and 80's guilt-free television alongside subjective and disturbing episodes of BET's "Tiny and Toya", where has today's inspiring Black television gone? Today's networks percieve Black's in an over the top way in which can be understandable to the small percentage of the struggling black community, and entertaining to the already judgemental White America. Doesn't it seem ironic that our television for the Black community was more realistic and entertaining in time periods where our people were struggling the most? (i.e-"Good Times", "The Jefferson's",etc.) We realistically have come so far as a people as we have elected a politician of our own race into the white house and sit in higher positions as CEO's, journalists, and brokers in mainstream white America. So where is the present image I can relate to? It doesn't add up~

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