Monday, March 16, 2009

Hold tight to your guy

This will be one of my many articles where I vent frustrations. One thing that bothers me is when you are in a relationship and the next female finds it necessary to express to you her own personal opinion about your significant other. Unless he is abusive, has no job, or is down right stupid, your friends should always have a positive opinion when it comes to you and your man. I think if they don't, its because they want what you have and are so downright jealous that they will do whatever it takes to make you feel low about the good man you have by your side. This issue of women and jealousy will always correlate to that issue of friendship. When it comes to females, finding a good friend is like one in a million, I swear. As we get older, the span of men that are available and have something good to offer becomes more scarce. As a result, when you fall in love hold on tight to what you have and consider urself lucky. Just some words of wisdom introduce your man to your main girls, all your other associates are not worthy of his glory.

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