Monday, March 2, 2009

I want to be a Video Girl?

I am sure everyone has tuned into either BET or MTV and indulged themselves in the latest video. Most of us have watched a Chris Brown or T.I. video and wanted to be that girl prancing around to the music. Lately I have found myself wondering why these females are depicted in such an unrealistic way? I mean, all the bling, the fake hair, the money flying in the this is obviously not real or relevant to half the members of the age group these videos are directed towards.I myself am guilty of buying some extenstions now and then to add a dramatized affect to my look, probably as a result of seeing black women of all shades rocking long hair down to their knees on television. As women why do we look up to these figures and feel the need to buy fake hair, wear skimpy clothes and believe that hanging around some guy will make us set for life. I think its time that we all get Real and try to make our own goals that are realisitic, in case the idealized dream of being a "Video Girl" doesn't buy us that house on the hill.

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