Thursday, March 5, 2009

Relationships: Both sides of the spectrum

Every girl dreams at a young age of meeting her prince charming, falling in love, and eventually having the Cinderella wedding of her dreams. As life progresses many young women realize there will be many nerve-wracking nights and continuous hurtles with the opposite sex before such a fairytale ending can be achieved. With both man and woman aspiring to be successful and on top, the perfect relationship might not exist due to lack of time and commitment. Yet, even with the advanced knowledge and warning of how much stress a relationship can bring, we still embark on them and love as hard as we can until we cry our eyes out. This brings me to wonder what constitutes a healthy and unhealthy relationship. Through years of being in a relationship and giving advice to friends on numerous occasions, I have discovered some points on both parts of the spectrum. 1) Healthy- A healthy relationship should involve two people who have their own “individual” goals and dreams in life. This means that if you were to break up with your other half tomorrow your world wouldn’t end, and you would have dreams and plans to continue. Both partners are supportive of each other and are faithfully committed to the relationship both mentally and physically. There is no lack of honesty and being with your other half “lifts you up” instead of bringing you down. 2) Unhealthy- This type of relationship usually involves one weak partner who is involved in a companionship for all the wrong reasons, whether it be physical, or not wanting to be alone. There are no compromises and anything goes, which later results in heartbreak and unsolved answers. Goals and plans are and afterthought as you began to lose yourself in that person. A good relationship should able you to have a companion, and fulfill your personal agenda at the same time. A person wants to be involved with someone who is strong, independent and knows what they wish to gain out of life. Unless you hope to wake up and find yourself in a Disney classic, you might want to have hard earned pairs of shoes in your closet before you choose to lose your glass slipper...

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