Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tips for the First date...

1. First Impressions always matter. Make an effort to look your very best, you want to give him long lasting thoughts to remember you by. Go out that morning and pamper yourself, that way if the date is a total bust at least you will feel good.

2. Make sure he is respectful. Nine times out of ten the way he treats you on your first date is the best he can be at his prime before he gets seriously involved with you and problems begin to arise. Make sure he opens the door, compliments you, and has meaningful conversation.

3. Be suspect of a player. Even from the beginning you have to keep your eyes open for signs of a guy who is reluctant to commit and is still diggin the party life. Depending on where you are mentally in your own situation, you might not want to subject yourself to another episode of hide and seek with another man. Try and spare yourself the drama.

4. Don't let your friends meet him at first. Your girlfriends can be the toughest critics sometimes, maybe they just want the best for you. They can dismiss a man as soon as he gets in your door, diminishing all your hopes for a good date let alone a future relationship. In situations like these it's always good to have a mind of your own. Your own personal taste in men may not be everybody else's twist.

5. Avoid conversation about the EX-factor.Try to stay away from asking each other questions about previous relationships. Yeah its good to get a feel for a man' s past, but who really cares? You are up to bat now and it's a whole new game. Try to impress him on what you have to offer instead of trying to compare yourself to his ex by asking millions of questions.

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