Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Got a man that I think I'm gon love forever..."

As you already know I love to dish my opinion on relationships, and have yet to hold my tongue on what I believe makes up a good one vs. a broken down one. NO relationship will last past the routine flowers, couple texts, and finally the bedroom, unless you guys have developed a good friendship. You cannot keep a man or a woman for that matter unless you know what makes them tick, their goals, desires. If you lack depth no man has any reason to keep you around because you just aren't that interesting and you have nothing to offer that he cant find somewhere else. You have to connect in a relationship, there has to be that one special thing that you and him share in common that nobody else could possibly understand. When you guys are together, you are "together" and nobody can break that bond. Listen to me, I swear, if you haven't realized it yet then wake up and start talking to your significant other. What keeps a man from cheating on you (most of the time) is the fact that he knows in the back of his mind that you are a jem, irreplaceable and he would hate to see his precious gift being handed off to the next dude with the bigger salary. Build a friendship and stay confident even if your not. In addition, nothing turns a man off more then a weak woman, so don't get stepped on and think that your making moves in your situation, your not...and its less than cute. Ladies I like to spit knowledge, but believe that I take my advice and have learned from mistakes. Build a friendship, it will make your relationship much more meaningful when you can connect with your man on more than 1 level. Love hard...

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