Friday, April 17, 2009

The Real Housewives of...

Im really irritated by these shows about rich women who have no problems what so ever. I thought I was just annoyed by the white version of the show, because I hate when white america shows off how effotlessley they get money. Yet still, Houswives of Atlanta was just a minor step up showing black people with money that didnt have anything better to do than argue. I mean come on, all the ladies on that show im sure have hot over the top careers and instead of going into depth on that, all we saw was the arguein and name calling. So how bout we scratch all this reality television about rich people and show some real people. Lets see the single mother, the struggling college student, the newleywed, the woman who just landed her first career. No, I guess nobody wants to watch real accomplisments on television...the unreal world of money and drama is more entertaining :)

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