Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book Review: "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man"

So I was interested about what a man's perspective of a healthy and worthwile relationship would be, so I decided to pick up Steve Harvey's new book. I have mixed reviews about the novel, some of which I totally agree, and other points that I think are absurd. The first concept in the book that came simplest to me was that, Men don't love like Women do. Any woman who has been in a relationship will let you know first hand that this statement is true. Men don't always do all the cutesy and sympathetic things that come natural to women, Harvey says men are more simple and don't need much to be happy. Provide, Profess,and Protect are the three things Harvey describes as the characteristics a man must show you in order to let you know if he really loves you are not. Does he profess and give you the title of girlfriend in public? Does he provide and spend some of his hard earned check on you? Does he protect and hold his own in a situation where somebody has disrespected you? Harvey goes on to tell the three things a man needs, Support, Loyalty, and the Cookie (sex). These things I recognized since I hear them so often come up in relationships. Yet, Harvey's male ego seemed to over power the book somewhat, as he tells his ideas on supporting your man through showering him with self boosting compliments, adoring him. Yea that's good and all, but relationships are 50-50, just because he is a "man" doesn't mean you should lay naked in his glory. Being a woman means being strong and ocassionaly rolling with punches, but dont let your desire to be loved turn into a need to be loved. Stay true to who you are and the perfect man will appreciate you for just that.

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